Retail Services

Retail Services

We offer many software programs and hardware components that you can purchase, or we can install for you at an affordable price.

Due to the constant change of pricing, please give us a call or send us an inquiry about any questions you may have.

Desktop Computer Repairs

All computers must be running in optimal condition in order to get video games up and running in your preferred graphical settings. Whether your computer is extremely complex or simple, our technicians are experts at getting your computer up and running in a jiffy. We explain everything to you in plain English without using computer jargon. We provide straight forward service, repair and support with no fuss.

– Virus and spyware issuesimgres
– Windows and software issues
– Hard disk, motherboard and memory issues
– Problems in graphical performance




Laptop and Notebook Computers

Laptop and notebook computers are getting popular because people enjoy the benefit of mobile computing. It doesn’t matter where you go, you would see people using laptop and notebook computers. Laptop and notebook computers services include:

– Replacement of cracked screenimgres
– Keyboard and power pack replacement
– Removal of virus and spyware
– Memory Shortage
– Software problems
– Issues of WiFi